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the launch approach...

We take that big, abstract concept of Digital Transformation and turn it into actions, solutions and strategies that will benefit your business as well as your customers
We hear on a daily basis from prospective clients that:

“we are making more money now than ever before, so why do we need to make any changes or adjustments in our business ?”

“hey, but we have a set five-year plan and we are tracking on our plan to reach our goals”.

the business environment changes so rapidly today, therefore we must be more agile to exist tomorrow. Your long term plans will be derailed by the ingenuity and agility of your competition in the market. So 80DegreesWest pose the following questions to business owners and managers, for them to think about:

You are profitable but do you know where you're losing your money ?

Do you know how you are performing?

Are your resources efficiently deployed to handle your sales ?

Do you know what your real core business is ?

Are you aligned with your business goals?

Are you really ready for the future and the growth of your business?

the baseline for all services

this is where we start the next steps to lift-off

one - survey and gather information

80DegreesWest suggest that a Survey and Information gathering is performed to enable the business to know where they are, What do they have, What resource is not used effectively, What money is spend on and Where are there real opportunities for improvement within the business.

 two - present information

80DegreesWest colates all information gathered into one easy to read report. This report is presented to the business Owners, Management and Decision Makers.

People, Process, Procedure, Product , Systems, Tools, Customers, Financial Resources, Business Planning……….are all part of the RACI workshops we lead with the client to address and formulate all information received.  This now enables a platform for planning.

three - unpack the information and plan for the future

The key areas of opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses are unpacked and solutions and improvements are sought. 80DegreesWest assist the business Owners and Decision Makers with the identification, preparation, and delivery of a short and medium term plan. These plans are project managed, communicated and delivered through proven methodologies and dedicated 80DegreesWest personnel.

...and lift off

80DegreesWest further provides your business with customer centric professional services post the identification and planning phase:

Bid Management

Project Management

Change Management

Opportunity Qualification

Implementation Management

Proposal and Quote Qualification

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