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Gain the competitive edge in the dynamic Real Estate Market with our state-of-the-art CRM Technologies.

explorerBi-REALTOR is your passport to a revolution in real estate management. We bring all the key players involved in your property transactions onto a single, masterfully orchestrated platform. From the intricacies of processes and the nuances of the sales funnel to the diverse array of buyers, sellers, and even your service providers – it’s all in your control.

Experience the simplicity and ease of managing your daily workflow like never before.

explorerBi-REALTOR isn’t just another software solution; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed for real estate professionals who demand efficiency and seek to streamline their operations.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that promises to elevate your real estate business to new heights?


Within the explorerBi-REALTOR platform, we unite your Property Specialists, bond originators, attorneys, and contractors. This integration streamlines your workflow, automates routine tasks, and infuses context into your dialogues with homebuyers. Our aim is to simplify your workload, making your job easier and your interactions more meaningful.


Never miss a lead through multiple touch point integrations an agile property leads management system.


Our CRM software automatically captures the information from your diverse digital touchpoints, wherever your marketing strategies are at work. These channels include your website, paid advertisements on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, and third-party advertising outlets. Moreover, the CRM software offers a manual entry option, allowing you to capture essential information from walk-ins right on the spot. Creating a positive client experience is crucial for retaining clients and attracting new ones.

Increase productivity helps to manage your workload with the easy-to-use kanban-based approach.


At explorerBi-REALTOR, we’ve simplified deal management with our structured stage process. By utilising the user-friendly, Kanban-based, drag-and-drop functionality, new opportunities glide through the property development lifecycle. At each stage in the sales process, the system seamlessly engages the relevant Property Specialists, bond originators, attorneys, and building contractors, where and when required.


Provided the opportunity aligns with predetermined conditions, it smoothly progresses through the system. The journey culminates in the “won” stage, where the keys are handed to the new homeowner, and the deal is successfully closed. Sales and account managers have all the essential data at their fingertips, neatly organised in easy-to-read lists. Making deal management a straightforward, hassle-free task, and simple task.

Improves sales performance of Sales Specialists effortless goal setting and performance evaluation in real time.


Setting accurate sales targets and working towards successful sales performance management is effortless. Our sales management system uses these targets as a foundation, generating a wealth of analytics, dynamic dashboards, and in-depth measurements. These tools empower both managers and sales professionals to track their progress and adjust as needed. Additionally, it provides the sales team with a clear view of their performance and progress, which helps them to stay motivated and on track.

Easy access to property contracts even long after project completion assists with the upload, import, export and handling of all property deal documents with the Document Management System.


The platform includes pertinent documents such as OTP, FICA, Contracts, and Agreements necessary for closing deals with prospective buyers and sellers. The DMS (Document Management System) makes it easy to manage, store, and share documents, across ExplorerBi modules. All modules are connected to the DMS as a centralised document management portal, allowing you to keep track of important documents, folders, images, and more. 

Create favourable buyer experience through your interactive property mapdisplays real-time deal status of the property on the map.


Elevate the Buyer Experience: Your Interactive Property Map

Experience the power of an interactive property map that provides real-time updates on property status. It’s a game-changer for engaging buyers and facilitating informed decisions.

Did You Know?

81% of consumers research online before making a purchase, spending 79 days gathering information. Use this window to:

- Inform and educate potential buyers
- Entertain and showcase their dream home
- Assist and empower confident buying decisions

Achieving this requires… explorerBi-REALTOR:

  1. Agile Social Media Advertising: Implement a cost-effective, robust social media advertising strategy directly on the Platform to enhance your digital presence.

  2. Strategic SEO: Through effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the quality and quantity of website traffic to your interactive site will increase.

  3. Buyer-Centric Experience: Your interactive sales map will create a favourable experience for website visitors, as the map clearly highlights property availability, and helps visitors differentiate between available and reserved properties.

  4. CRM Integration: Your digital efforts are consolidated within the robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. It automatically gathers data from potential buyers displaying interest through social media advertising and your website.


This approach is your key to engaging, informing, and ultimately converting potential buyers into satisfied homeowners.

Streamline marketing efforts through automated email campaignsempowers the sales team with the integrated Email Marketing suite.


Integrate Marketing Suite

The integrated marketing suite empowers the sales team with robust marketing tools.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Utilise our template builders, scheduler, and call-to-action functionality to create effective and targeted email and marketing campaigns. Campaigns are easily profiled on a specific call to action and lead source information, enabling you to track and improve the performance of your campaigns.

- Easy drag-and-drop email template builder

- Import external HTML templates

- Trigger automated campaigns

- Target audience effectively through profiling

- Track and report on open rates, click-through

   rates, and more.

Landing Pages

Create professional landing pages effortlessly with our user-friendly on-platform landing page builder. Landing pages for listings, services, and developments are hosted and presented within the platform. All information captured on forms is ingested into the platform’s lead database. When a new lead comes in, an automated alert is triggered, informing the agent of the new arrival.

Landing pages can be used with other marketing tools like social media and email campaigns to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that drives traffic to the listing and helps sell the property more quickly.

Full visibility of Project partnersaids internal multi-party collaboration that results in direct, clear, and concise communication.

Multi-party Collaboration

Our platform is the pivotal hub to unify communication and coordination amongst all key players involved in the purchasing journey, from buyers and sellers to real estate Property Specialists and beyond. By fostering seamless interaction and harmonious coordination, we eliminate confusion and prevent unnecessary delays, ensuring that the buying process unfolds with maximum efficiency and elegance.


This platform is an efficient, all-in-one solution for monitoring the entire process while effortlessly managing all the associated tasks and information about the sale.

Property Listings Made Simple Quickly assess your listings’ status, optimise marketing, and take decisive actions. Real estate management, simplified.


Efficient Stock and Inventory Management

In the world of real estate, managing property listings is a game-changer. Our system streamlines the process of buying and selling properties, offering a centralised hub for real estate agencies to organise, update, and access property details effortlessly.

Responsive Data Management with Tracking and Analysing

Our system isn’t just about organising listings. It empowers agencies to track crucial data related to property viewings, offers, and sales.

Analytics for Real-Time Insight

Get ahead with real-time analytics. Identify trends and patterns, paving the way for data-driven decisions that cover pricing, marketing, and all facets of your business.

Advanced Search and Assignment

Our platform simplifies the search for ideal properties. Property Specialists can use advanced search features to quickly find properties that match their client’s unique needs, saving time and effort.

Centralised Efficiency

All your listings are in one place. Easily manage, update, and track property details. Maximise efficiency and sell more properties.

The Central Point of Truth

Our platform diligently monitors and oversees the complete Property Sales / Development process, offering every stakeholder a singular, reliable source of truth.

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