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What are the top 10 must-have toolsets a property professional must have?

Here are 10 must-have tools for selling real estate:
  1. Professional Photography: Professional and representative photos of the property, which can be used for online listings and other marketing materials.

  2. Customer relationship management (CRM) system: A CRM system helps property professionals manage customer interactions, track deals and follow up on leads.

  3. Social media platforms: Social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram can be used to promote properties, connect with potential buyers, and build relationships with clients.

  4. Email marketing software: Email marketing software can be used to send targeted messages to potential buyers, keep clients informed about new listings and market trends, and stay in touch with previous clients.

  5. Online listing websites: Online listing websites like Property24 and Private Property are essential for promoting properties and reaching a wide audience of potential buyers.

  6. Comparative market analysis (CMA) software: CMA software helps agents determine the value of a property by comparing it to similar properties in the area.

  7. Mobile devices and apps: Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets allow agents to access information and communicate with clients and colleagues on the go, making it easier to manage their work while in the field.

  8. Electronic signature software: Electronic signature software allows agents to obtain signatures from clients and colleagues without the need for paper documents, where and how permitted by law.

  9. Print materials: Print materials such as brochures and flyers can be used to promote properties and provide potential buyers with more detailed information. Accessing these digitally is becoming the norm.

  10. Professional network: A professional network of contractors, inspectors, and other industry professionals can be valuable resources for agents and can help them provide better service to clients.


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