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What does a typical day look like for a UrbanTrend property professional with ExplorerBi CRM?

A day in the life of an UrbanTrend property professional using the explorerBi CRM might include:

8:00 AM: Start the day by logging into the explorerBi CRM to check for any new leads or updates on current listings. Check out progress performance against sales targets and other criteria on the CRM dashboards.

9:00 AM: Use the CRM to schedule property inspections, view upcoming appointments, and set reminders for important tasks.

10:00 AM: Conduct a virtual property tour with a potential buyer using the CRM's listing pages, showcasing the property's features and answering questions in real-time.

11:00 AM: Update the CRM with notes and information from the virtual tour, including the buyer's preferences and feedback.

12:00 PM: Lunch break.

1:00 PM: Use the CRM to generate marketing materials for a new listing, such as online listing landing pages, brochures, and flyers.

2:00 PM: Respond to inquiries from potential buyers, providing additional information and scheduling property viewings on the CRM.

3:00 PM: Meet with a seller to review the performance of their listing and discuss potential pricing adjustments, using possible data and analytics from the CRM to inform the discussion.

4:00 PM: Follow up with leads from recent property viewings, providing feedback and addressing any concerns or questions.

5:00 PM: Use the CRM to update client information and schedule follow-up tasks for the next day.

6:00 PM: End the day by reviewing the day's activities and updating the CRM with any additional notes or information.


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