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“transforming the mundane tasks into practical value”

sales and lead optimisation

business owners, investors, employees and customers all require a trusted source of business information to ensure that they can deliver on their delivery promises. CRM, HRM, IMS, FMS, DMS and CXM are used to run their operations more effectively. We offer these services through our explorerBi product sets.    Go to explorerBi

worksite safety

managers and operators are using real-time information about personnel, worksites, and job conditions to run their operations more safely. We provide service and operational management applications to the industry.

predictive maintenance

sensors provide information about the health of mechanical assets like pumps, elevators, and HVAC compressors which can be used to increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs

energy monitoring 

smart buildings can adapt to things like changes in the environment, usage models, footfall, and other occupational characteristics, thereby optimizing energy consumption

construction optimization

smart sensors embedded into the structures provide real-time information about the structural health of the building years after completion

Home Control App

smart home, building management, and process automation

We design and bring to market IoT hardware and software products, that deliver value to our clients. We spot and act on requirements that our Clients may have. By automating processes, deploying sensors and probes we assist you to make your plant more efficient and ultimately more profitable.


 we bring solutions to market
Hardware, Software, Integrated Solutions

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