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Deploy business intelligence

to recognize and define the real drivers of your business.

Digitally transform your world with intuitive and valuable insights from your data regardless of where it lives, with explorerBI. Explorer Bi enables a deep understanding of customer behaviour and sales with analytical dashboards and reports. 

Leverage and capitalize the information from CRM, CXM, HRM, IMS, DMS, and FMS.    Raw ERP data translated into practical business understanding used to advance your business every day.

Experience the power of explorerBi now!

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Today's business information, only available tomorrow?

.........................that's So Yesterday

Lasting Trust

Sales operations and customer relationship Management deliver intelligent forecasting, smart opportunity insights, and lead prioritization to boost your sales team's success. Access all sales and deal-related information in easy-to-read reports and quick-to-action sales dashboards.

Always Available

Gain the competitive edge with your business data. Streamline document preparation, Apply structure to all unstructured data, Improve your business information quality, and Speed up available business intelligence.

Decision Making 

Manage the customer expectation to deliver a positive experience that strengthens customer retention and promotes new customer acquisition. ExplorerBi develops repeat customer transactions and loyalty. Clear communication on customer portal and event management.

Firm Control

Connecting all financial matters into one management portal to report, plan, action, provide and strategically decide on  all financial matters of your business. Automation of tasks together with predictive analytics will provide you with the insight required.

Team Support

Get a complete understanding of resource skills and capabilities. With more insights, to make the right strategic changes, deliver personalised experiences, promote team cohesion and positive growth. Know who does what and automate the mundane tasks.

Ready to Deliver

Reducing inventory to lean but comfortable levels, predict future demand, allowing for stock to be purchased in time for sales. IMS improves customer delivery times and ultimately improves customer satisfaction.

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Business Intelligence

ExplorerBI is known for sharpening business insights and aids the discovery of up-to-the-minute business understandings. It allows businesses the opportunity to explore results at a high level, drill down to analyze the underlying details, and then to ensure that the right information is distributed to the right people in time to be useful in making critical business decisions. Decisions in today's reality that are not left up to hunches or intuitions. ExplorerBi gives everyone in the organization the ability to attain insights into critical operations, through enhanced reporting dashboards, data visualization, and business analytics from anywhere and at any time




Increase Customer growth through easy lead generation, effective opportunity pipeline management, and making it easy for customers to  do business with you, on a daily basis


sales operations MANAGEMENT


Enhanced performance culture, reaching sales targets, and enables sustainable growth throughout all the stages of the customer journey. Create an environment for your sales team to be successful 


HR Information and intuition used to increase efficiency and profits. Automated processes providing business insights for your people to act on. Transforming business to build a positive future through your people


IMS gives the ability to trust in the accuracy of stock levels and make you prepared for the daily inventory challenges. ExplorerBi also helps sales representatives, sales managers, and operations managers to be more agile in meeting customer demands


ExplorerBi is embracing ingenuity, enabling visible commercial development, fluency in business finance, and adding pace to your business growth. Integrate your financial data into business intelligence you can use daily


Transform and automate business operations information with intelligent monitoring and reliability in a single, easy-to-find and use platform. 

ExplorerBi benefits

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Experience the power of explorerBi now!

Follow this link to the official explorerBi Online Demo Service to explore success with the rest of the explorerBi community

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Property Sales

ExplorerBi-Realtor is revolutionising the way that property sales and  developments are managed on many levels. Our customers benefit daily from the learnings we have from deployments in our globally deployed footprint. ExplorerBi - Realtor is an integral part of the explorerBi software-as-a-service customer relationship management platform. Prospective leads, qualified buyers and homeowners information, required documents, certificates, and other key documentation live on explorerBi - Realtor and is made available 24/7 through our document portal applications. Our multi-language support, customisable processes, and lead/opportunity stage integration make explorerBi-Realtor the platform of choice.
The property development life cycle is managed within explorerBi Realtor by taking care of the generation of the Lead, all the way through to the handover of the property key to the proud new homeowner. 









Every stage of the property developer, property agents, bond originators, attorneys, home building contractors processes is managed within explorerBi-Realtor.  Providing an optional interactive property sales map for your development, automating the entry of time-consuming data to marketing campaigns, and having access to automated dashboards to see your actual daily operational, sales, and financial progress of the development.  


We help hospitality professionals improve performance, increase profitability, and enhance their brand using a single platform. Creating a deeper, friendlier, and enhanced experience for their guests. Have all your customers' preferences up to date and easily accessible to all staff so every interaction feels special.

  • Comprehensive hotel CRM that offers features for Corporate and Event Sales, and marketing

  • Stores a complete history of every interaction each customer has with your business reporting and analytics features offer automatic analysis of guest experiences

  • Direct integration capabilities with commonly used email marketing apps like Mailchimp, MailGun etc.

  • Multihotel capabilities to manage all customer and property information in one centralized system

  • Built-in reporting analytics show guest patterns for gathering behaviour-related information like typical length of stay, seasonal trends, and how far in advance they book a room

  • Easy-to-use email campaign editing through drag-and-drop functionality

  • Integration capabilities with popular business applications, such QuickBooks, Google Workspace, even Oracle's Opera to create informative dashboards and analytics

  • See your projected income, spot the areas of the business that are making the most revenue and how each sales representative is performing, to help you make informed decisions about growth.

  • Use opportunities to track potential sales with a customer and set the value and milestones to keep track and gather reports on your business deals.

  • Manage all your open sales opportunities on one page and easily see how your business is doing

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Get Ready  :  come create your perfect future 


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