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Property Sales and Development

explorerBi caters for the current size and future growth of your business. To find out more about Realtor and the value it provides your property sales agency or development investment, contact us today @
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Benefits and Capability

  • Agile property leads management, received from various origins, all in one place on explorerBi – Realtor.

  • Easy navigation with explorerBi– Realtor for real estate developers, easy to find all relevant data. You can filter deal data within any particular opportunity or development with a few simple clicks.

  • Effortlessly measure and determine your daily workload with the explorerBi Kanban Opportunity boards

  • Prepare management and to-do reports direct from any list within explorerBi – Realtor, making working in a team a real pleasure.

Receive all info from your marketing website forms, social media forms, or one on one meeting notes straight into a customer opportunity to manage the deal via the explorerBi automated processes. explorerBi – Realtor provides a secure and informative management platform for estate agents to sell and manage from. The customer deal is tracked, analysed from start to finish to help the agents and sales professionals provide the best possible service to the home buyer. All information is accessible via customer portals and available 24/7. explorerBi – Realtor tracks the deal through all the mandatory stages of home buying to ensure that nothing is missed or left behind.

The sales process in property development creates a multitude of documents, forms, and certificates to ensure that the sale, build, construction, and liveability of the property adhere to all mandates and regulations. All documents created within this process are kept safe, always available, and easily reachable within the explorerBi – document management platform. explorerBi – Realtor aids internal multi-party collaboration that results in direct, clear, and concise communication – ensuring that the development can execute tasks precisely and on time.

explorerBi – Realtor improves the sales performance of agents selling and marketing the development through an intelligent set of dashboards to see how deals progress. Transform and automate the property development operations with intelligent monitoring and automated alerts on the always-on explorerBi platform. Use collected data to increase efficiency and profits by making use of real-time deal information and interpreted data to provide easy-to-read reports.






















explorerBi – Realtor manages all property opportunity information and deal values placed into a single Kanban deal view, showing ongoing progress and deals requiring your urgent attention. explorerBi – Realtor enables you to sell more properties and be able to manage more opportunities in your pipeline by making deals easy to manage and control. Real-time collaboration on opportunities is made easy and up to date by the continuous tracking of the deal and stage progress. The real-time deal status of the property is displayed on the property map, within the sales pipeline and automatically added to explorerBi – Realtor opportunity management platform.

The property map provides an immersive interface by visually focussing on the property’s unique features, thereby helping with the sale. explorerBi – Realtor provides the core system ability to search across multiple phases, stages, opportunities, and other sales detail in your developments. All changes are made in real-time within explorerBi – Realtor providing investors, agents, and other users with an up-to-the-minute reality of their investment.

explorerBi – Realtor is a dedicated, easy-to-use software-as-a-service based product, providing wide sales pipeline management services to assist investors, property developers, and their agents with the complicated management process of the property deal. All property, land, ownership, and finance data is saved and kept secure on the easily accessible platform by explorerBi – Realtor. Upload, import, export, and handling of all property deal documents such as statements, plans, certificates, agreements, etc. using the DMS solution.

Deal tracking is the pivotal task for any CRM. explorerBi – Realtor simplifies and organizes the complex process of a real estate sale. From the creation of a Deal to the closing of the deal, explorerBi – Realtor tracks the process step by step to provide complete clarity about the deal status at any given point in time and how to expedite the close! The agents, owners, investors' main requirements for deal timelines are met by providing estimated closure dates, schedules, and actual closure dates in the CRM of each opportunity.

Each property deal is profiled within the property sales process according to property type, size, location, price, and availability to simplify grouping, searching, and reporting. Investors know the exact status of their investment by browsing the explorerBi dashboards specifically customised for each development to represent the standing of all deal financial and operations data.


  • E-mail Marketing – Empower the sales team with the explorerBi – Realtor integrated email marketing suite. Utilising our template builder, scheduler, and call to action functionality.

  • Realtor Template Builder – Easy to use drag and drop template builder, import externally built HTML templates. Import existing templates. List all available templates in one easy to read list

  • Condition Based Scheduler – Based on certain fields, email campaigns are triggered based on certain conditions and fields within the lifecycle of the deal

  • Recurring Based Scheduler – Planning of email campaign sending by scheduling specific dates or times to activate the campaign. E-mail marketing campaigns are easily profiled on a specific calls to action and lead sources information

Modules and Functionality

Business Intelligence & Analytics
ExplorerBi – Realtor sharpening business cognizance and aiding the discovery of up-to-the-minute business insights. Allows businesses the opportunity to explore results at a high level and drill down to analyze the underlying details. It then ensures that the correct information is distributed to the right people to make critical business decisions. Machine learning and business intelligence practices provide the user with a view of the business reality but with a simplified understanding. Quick decisions in today’s reality that are not up to hunches or intuitions.

Forecasting and Performance
ExplorerBi – Realtor helps you to chase business growth and sales success. Give your sales teams the power to close deals quicker and easier than before. Customer relationship management metrics reveal how well the sales team and ultimately the entire business is doing. Once you can measure performance, it’s much easier to improve it. ExplorerBi – Realtor also enables forecasting of future sales revenue and billing schedules. Make insightful decisions and close more deals.

Accelerate productivity by setting realistic goals for employees, sales, and operations. ExplorerBi – Realtor helps you to streamline the workplace and get those dreaded tasks out of the way. Exponentially improve ROI by consistently implementing informed decisions.

Integration and data mining
Position your business and resources with the knowledge, competitive price, place, timing, and product. Integrate your current systems into the explorerBi – Realtor platform to allow for a centralised trusted source of business information to manage from. ExplorerBi – Realtor embraces ingenuity, enabling visible commercial development, fluency in business finance, and adding pace to your business growth. Integrate your financial data into business intelligence you can use daily.




















Intelligent Dashboards
A 360-degree view of every customer opportunity is essential to plan and action your next move. Closing deals require that the correct information is available to you at the right time. ExplorerBi – Realtor utilizes intuitive dashboards to provide the user with up-to-date analytics of people, sales, turnover, targets, schedules, and inventory. Dashboards let you monitor many metrics at once, so you can quickly check the health of your accounts or see correlations between different reports.

Sales Targets and Management
Setting accurate sales targets and working towards successful sales performance management can be the difference between success and failure for a business. After the in-person discussions and negotiations around the sales targets are finalized, explorerBi – CRM Sales Management then makes it easy to implement the agreed target across the platform by entering the target for the salesperson in one easy step. Analytics, Dashboards, and measurements are all generated by using the sales target for the individual, branch, or business as the baseline.





















Deal Stage Management
The explorerBi Kanban-based Opportunity and Deal information are intuitive and straightforward to understand. Once a new opportunity is identified it is placed into the 5-stage process.

Firstly, the opportunity is listed, defined, and detailed in stage 1 – New. The deal is then qualified, and the customer is actively engaged in stage 2 – Qualification to determine value, scope, and requirements. Now that the deal is taking shape the proposals and quotes are prepared in stage 3 – Propose. Every deal gets to stage 4 – The Negotiation stage. Here the Opportunity detail is finalized and finally agreed upon. All that is left now is to move the Deal into the final stage – Won. Sales managers and account managers have all the information available to them in easy-to-read and interpret lists, which makes management of the deal a simple task.

Sales Funnel explorerBi – Realtor helps you in a few easy steps to go from Sales Rep to trusted advisor status with your customer base. Your customer will soon discover and appreciate that you are always acting in their best interests. You’re understanding and transparent administration of the entire sales process from the initial lead through to the conversion to an opportunity is made easy. Customers appreciate it when their information and time spent to share requirements with you, are taken seriously.

Customer Dashboards and Data
Sales operations and customer relationship management deliver intelligent forecasting, smart opportunity insights, and lead prioritization to boost your sales team’s success. Access all sales and deal-related information in easy-to-read reports and quick-to-action sales dashboards. Customers interchange information through the always online available explorerBi – Realtor customer portal

Document Management
Documents on the explorerBi – Realtor platform such as invoices, orders, quotes, proposals, and presentations are essential to closing the customer deal. Management, safekeeping, and sharing of documents across explorerBi modules are made easy with the integrated DMS. All Modules are linked to the DMS as a centralized document management portal to keep track of documents, folders, images, and other documents of high importance.

Customer Experience
An outstanding customer experience is essential to ensure that customers return to your service time and time again. The explorerBi – Realtor customer experience management module helps the business to keep track of the sales and customer-related activities by making all customer collateral available between the parties. The easy-to-use and always available data within explorerBi – Realtor assists in cutting down the time spent on sales administration and allow more time with the customer. Manage the customer expectation to deliver a positive experience that strengthens customer retention and promotes new customer acquisition. ExplorerBi – Realtor develops repeat customer transactions and loyalty.

Employee HR Management
Employees and customers are pivots in any business. ExplorerBi – Realtor operates on the basis that there are people, sales, leads, products, contacts, services, employees, and ultimately customers. The management of training, leave, expenses, time, and employee detail is made effortless with the explorerBi – HRM module. This module can operate separately or directly integrated with the entire explorerBi ecosystem.

explorerBi Realtor provides sales pipeline management strategy that works, Excellent customer relations guaranteed, We are results-driven and customer-focused, Reduce time spent on systems and process and enhance and increase time spent with the customer, Integrate with Multiple Channels

explorerBi-Realtor is revolutionising the way that property developments are managed on many levels. Our customers benefit daily from the learnings we have from deployments in our globally deployed footprint. explorerBi – Realtor is an integral part of the explorerBi software-as-a-service customer relationship management platform, covering and catering for end-to-end property development and property life-cycle management. Prospective leads, qualified buyers and homeowners information, required documents, certificates, and other key documentation live on explorerBi – Realtor and is made available 24/7 through our document portal applications. Our multi-language support, customizable processes, and lead/opportunity stage integration make explorerBi-Realtor the platform of choice.

The property development life cycle is managed within explorerBi Realtor by taking care of the generation of the Lead, all the way through to the handover of the property key to the proud new homeowner.

Every stage of the property developer, property agents, bond originators, attorneys, home building contractors processes is managed within explorerBi-Realtor.


















Collaboration, event tracking, operational stage requirement management, and automatic alerts to new activities make the property development life cycle a much easier task.
explorerBi-Realtor seamlessly integrates with your webpage to collate and catch all leads, requests, opportunities into the lead and sales pipeline management process. Property development marketing campaigns are built natively out of the explorerBi – Realtor marketing module to create campaign email templates, set up campaigns within a few easy steps, and follow the automated campaign process success. If a form is submitted through your website, that contact, lead or opportunity is automatically created in explorerBi-Realtor for the assigned Agent to follow up and manage. The effective explorerBi – Realtor tracking and management of property developer processes, and property development detailed information is key to developing a property success story.

explorerBi – realtor acts as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together, and streamline your process, documents, and people in one platform. Your property development data will be stored in the closest data center to you and always, where possible, keeping it inside the recipient country of origin for data sovereignty.

explorerBi – Realtor integrate social media and website data to better understand each lead’s intent and interests based on their interactions with the property development.

explorerBi-Realtor aims to make the entire process of property development easy for you. Providing an optional interactive property sales map for your development, automating the entry of time-consuming data to marketing campaigns, and having access to automated dashboards to see your actual daily operational, sales, and financial progress of the development.

explorerBi – Realtor was created to address the following overview requirements:

  • Ensure that no Lead is lost due to information and operational overload

  • Track and manage the end-to-end process of property development to ensure that the developer has a central point of truth.

  • Make the systems and modules as easily understandable and quick to action as possible to get rid of daily work overload

  • Easily integrate current website and lead generation platforms into the sales and marketing pipeline of explorerBi realtor at an affordable cost

  • Provide a single point of truth and access for all documents, certificates, forms, lists, and property development documentation aspects.

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