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agile services to purposely smart fit your needs


we help you navigate through the 4th industrial revolution
Dashboards, Analytics, CRM, Business Intelligence

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We are investing, skilling-up and actively getting involved with the following technologies:

Ubiquitous computing, mobile supercomputing, Artificially-intelligent robots, Self-driving cars, Neuro-technological brain enhancements, Human 2.0, Machine Learning, and many more.

 The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it's happening at an exponential and rapid pace. Previous industrial revolutions liberated humankind from animal power, made mass production possible, and brought digital capabilities to billions of people. The exponential readiness factor now, just to stay in business is on everyone's lips today. We will investigate, learn and prepare on your behalf to ensure we can consult and advise you correctly.

Building Robot

we provide professional services, embracing and understanding your needs

Our Professional Services are meticulously delivered around the customer requirements when it is needed the most. The following practices are provided on a time and material, or project delivery basis:

Bid Management
Risk Management
Corporate Marketing
Project Management
Change Management
Corporate Identity Management
Development and Process Planning
Multi Year IT and Data Services Support
Support and Implementation Management

your data in our care, our information technology is your peace of mind

IT Technology, Software - D/Base Development, Data and Storage management is core to our foundation. The Managed services provided by our inhouse IT support group. These services are contracted via multi year support agreements with our clients. 80DegreesWest provides Managed Services wherever across the globe our clients require us to be. Language and Distance can easily be barriers, but these are broken down by deploying digital technologies and language experts /  translation technologies wherever our clients require our services in non english speaking countries.

take the next step, let’s find real value, together 

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